What is happiness?

If you can tell us the answer to that question, you can win $1,000 in this year’s TRU Contest! This year, we want to know just what makes you happy, To enter: submit a YouTube video response to our YouTube video from July 1 - August 8. Please read the submission rules on this page very carefully.

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Any questions or concerns not adressed in this document or on those websites should by addressed to: coreyw@tru-insight.com.

Try to answer the following prompts when recording your video:

“My definition of happiness is…”

“When I’m 30, my definition of happiness will be…”

“The difference between happiness and fun is…”

“Happiness feels like…”

“[blank] makes me happy.”

Think of a famous person, a celebrity, or a family member that you think of as happy, and tell us why you think they’re happy (using their name in your sentence).

When it comes to happiness, the difference between me and my friends and my parents is that…

Please share anything else about happiness that comes to mind. Be creative, be thoughtful, and most importantly, have fun!

To enter all you have to do is submit your video as a response to our video on YouTube between July 1st and August 8th. The official rules and a copy of the questions are in the document linked below. Want to follow this contest very closely? "Like" us on Facebook. That's where we'll be updating you on the status of everything related to the contest.

TRU Contest Info Sheet (this has the questions plus the official rules.)

Last year we asked asked YouTubers to submit videos talking about Cause Marketing. These are some of our favorite entries from 2010. You can see that they answered all of our questions thoughtfully, honestly, and creatively. Watch these for clues on making your video!